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Painting Sessions

Mondays 14:00 - 16:00

Painting sessions are run to allow the artists to work in an environment with other like minded people, although there is no actual teaching, you will be surrounded by artists who will help you and answer any questions you have. Everyone is very friendly and it is a very social as well as a creative environment so dont hesitate to ask any questions or just have a chat.

Depending on what media you would like to try,  you must bring this with you. The club does have some equipment but you are required to bring the media you would like to use. Water is available for watercolours but we do discourage the use of solvent based media due to the enclosed environment.

With regards to the subject you would like to paint, this is also up to you, some members bring photographs or magazine or book cuttings, or if you would like to paint or draw something more three dimensional then bring that along with you ie. Flowers, vases, object d'art.

Life Drawing Sessions

Mondays 19:30 - 21:30

The life drawing sessions are conducted in a very free and relaxed atmosphere, usually the sessions run like this:

We start the session with 10 minutes of quick poses of between 2 to 5 minutes to help both you and the model to warm up. Don't expect your work to be correct on your first attempt but see it as a chance to limber up like an athlete, and prepare for better work later in the class. This also is an opportunity for the model to warm up, holding still for long periods of time does take a lot of practice and concentration.

Depending on the format of the session, either Multipose or Long Pose, the rest of the session will run as follows:



1st half: Following the quick poses above, poses will increase in length from 10 and 20 minutes until the tea break at 08:30.

2nd half: one longer pose of 40 mins before finishing and packing up by 09:30.



Long pose sessions run once a month. This gives an opportunity for artists to undertake a painting or longer piece of work in colour. Alternatively you can change your viewpoint of the model after the break to produce two drawings.

1st half. Following the quick warm up poses above, The long pose will run for about 50 minutes until the tea break at 08:30 and will continue for another 40 minutes before finishing and packing up by 09:30.




We break for 15 minutes at 08:30. Tea and biscuits are provided. The break also provides an opportunity to see the work of the other artists and to socialise with them.

With regards to your choice of medium this is completely up to you. You can choose to bring with you either pencil/pen, pastels, gouache/oils, the range of medium is your choice. We do not provide materials or tuition. Also whatever you choose to make your marks on is also up to you. Most people bring a paper pad or sketchbook to draw on, but if you wish to bring watercolour paper/card or canvas, this is also up to you. Some artists bring boards to lean on but desks, chairs and a limited number of easels are provided.

We like to start the sessions promptly at 7.30pm whenever possible.  We recommend you try and turn up a little earlier so that you can prepare your chair and desk. Also everyone is asked that they put their own chair and desk away at the end of the session. As you can appreciate, everyone helps each other.

We are lucky to have a lot of models willing to model for us and so the models will vary from week to week.

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